This past year has been full of fun and amazing weddings, styled shoots and of course my favorite, envelope calligraphy projects. I am really looking forward to what 2016 will bring, and am so excited to learn more skills in the Modern Calligraphy Summit at the end of February. 


This past year I spent less time working on LMS projects, as my full time job at Target took up more of nights and weekends. I would not trade that for anything though. Collaborating with Sugar Paper has been my favorite, most inspiring and rewarding project I have worked on yet for Target. 


Thanks to everyone for their support this past year! Cheers to 2016!


This past weekend my friend Kristin Nohe and I took an Instagram + Styling class that was offered by Lab MPLS,  It was so fun to learn how to style shots from Megan of MaeMae + Co.and learn about Instagram analytics and marketing from Kayd RoyHere are some photos I took at the class! I can't wait to put my new knowledge to use. 

A Little Photoshoot

It is hard to believe that summer is slowing coming to an end. I am so grateful for how busy LMS has been since I decided to start this little company this past winter, but I have not felt like I have had a summer! I am also pretty terrible at this whole blogging thing. I have so many things to share though... I will have to start getting better at this!

But, I am finally getting around to posting a few of my favorites from the one year anniversary shoot we did with Laura from Hello Love Photography back in May. It was so much fun to have an excuse to dress up, wear my wedding shoes and belt again, and of course have a little taste of our wedding cake. Jacob was such a trooper too... I think he secretly had fun!

Bentley got to join in as well - he is so photogenic and always manages to steal the spot light - but who can blame him!  (He also managed to eat half a plate of mini cupcakes when we were not looking - so I think he had a good time too!)

Happy Friday Everyone - hope you all can get out there an enjoy this beautiful hot summer weekend! 



Our new basement + studio

About a month before our wedding our basement flooded. We were bringing gifts from the last bridal shower downstairs, and were shocked to find our socks soaking wet. Within a matter of hours, all of our parents were over to help us and we had the carpet completely torn up. Almost everything had to be moved into the garage or our spare bedroom. Long story short... We spent almost a full year doing demo and rebuilding. Yes, we rebuilt the stairs. And yes, thank goodness for my husband and my father in law. The end result? A brand new, gorgeous basement + new laundry room + STUDIO! I decided to finally start LMS Designs right as the basement was getting finished. Things kind of fell into place... I really do believe things happen for a reason. 

Here are some before and after photos! 

LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation
Laundry Room Reno - Ikea
LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation

LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation
LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation
LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation
LMSDesigns home studio + basement renovation